With out an absolute standard of "Truth" through which we, as a culture, define our terms, we cannot sustain an honest, equitable, free, and just society!  

The natural laws of nature, demand and prove, the absolute existence of absolute laws, based on absolute truths,  or all creation on earth and the entire universe would be chaos!   

No Gray Here!

The is no gray in "Absolute Truth"

In our existential cultural today, many want to deny the existence of "Absolute Truth"   

Biblical Pursuits!

Who is God - Really? Who is Jesus Christ, Really?

What is the human destiny/ Really? Is heaven real? is hell real? Can I know I'm going to heaven? How can I know that?  

Mysterion Anomia

The "Mystery of Iniquity" is already at work!             2 Thessalonians 2:7   "The Holy Bible" 

Over fifty years of personal study, research, observations and teaching Bible Prophecy, is summarized in the Biblical Statement given by the Holy Spirit of God, to the Apostle Paul. called the  "Mysteries" of the Satanic, demonic, global empire that is now being amassed world wide.   This apocalyptic "New World Order" is taking shape in accordance with scriptural prophesies that are thousands of years old. They are now being fulfilled    every day!  

           WE WILL EXPLORE THESE TRUTHS IN              


Political Hoop La

"Drain The Swamp!" - Make America Great Again!
"Hope and Change!" - "Forward"   

  The New Green Deal - Save The Planet - Sustainable Renewables - La Dato Si, and more are front page news! Coupled with the fake, Russian Collusion hoax, the Hunter Biden Lap Top  scandal, The Joe Biden crime accusations, together with his illegal handling of classified documents while Vice President and Senator, are all, now, being ignored by the mainstream press and the DOJ and FBI. With the new the Double indictments of Past President Donald Trump this double standard of Federal overreach is going to potentially destroy our American Democracy. Our societies trust is being eroded by the double standard justice and juris prudence systems. We will podcast and blog concerning  these abuses of power at the highest levels of the United states Government.

We will discuss political slogans and their potential deceit to corrupt our American Way of life, and our undermine status as the greatest nation in the world.        

World Views

A "World View" is a set of beliefs about the fundamental aspects of reality, that ground and influence all of one's perceiving, thinking knowing and doing. What we believe to be true, and what we believe to be lies, dictates our ideologies and our World View. We all conduct our lives based on the validity of our World View. That is our reality.     

Everyone has a World View; What's yours? We will explore "Real World Views, and how they relate True Reality! 


Memoirs from days gone by! 

Enjoy true stories, memories, and life experiences of a man most blessed. Pastor Mickey has had the privilege, to enjoy over 7 decades of being raised, living and enjoying life, in the greatest nation, during what he believes to be the greatest time of history. He also believes that South Florida was one of the best environments in which to grow up and excel in many facets of outdoor water sports, athletics, true crime stories, marriage, raising children, serving Christ in church ministries and much more, during those decades. Hope you enjoy!      

One Blessed Life

Born and raised a Florida Red Neck;  

Saved By Grace - Blessed By God